YoVideo – Social network of video (android)

YoVideo - social network of video, is a mobile video player for Android smartphone with great design. Viewers can view, follow and share with their friends on Facebook many interesting video. Using this application will save your money and time in creating a data sharing application.


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Demo YoVideo – Social Network of video:

Demo APK
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What You Get:

- Full Android Source Code.
- Full Document.

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All additional libraries that we use when writing code in our programs meet the MIT license and Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal, correspond to the free dissemination, modification and commercial sale.

Out App Client:

- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.layarkaca.app
- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Banphet.studio.cooking

Update version:

Version 2.0

- Updated notification
- Updated jwplayer
- Removed vitamio player

Version 1.5

- Add like video
- Add comment video
- Add app intro screen
- Fix bug firebase notification

Version 1.4

- Update download mp3, mp4
- Add download manager.
- Update firebase notification
- Update documentation with firebase
- Add tab style version 
- Add Dailymotion video type 
- Add Facebook video type
 - Remove parse.com 
- Add MP3 player 
- Add Vitamio player (support mp4,mkv,m4v,mov,flv,avi,rmvb,rm,ts,tp, HLS(m3u8), MMS, RTSP, RTMP, and HTTP) 
- Fix crash bugs

Version 1.3

- Add loading more, reload data functions
- Add mp3 player
- Update vimeo player
- Add series view
- Update: New Integrate Yovideo Backend Version 
- Fix bugs: Crash app

Version 1.2

- Update mp3 file type. 
- Update user upload video screen. 
- Fix bug when open in android studio. 
- Update Vimeo player. 

Version 1.1

- Add premium member. 
- Add premium video. 
- Add balance customer. 
- Update account, video detail screen.
- Fix bugs.
- Add paypal payment method.
Fix bug crash app

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Release date:2016-01-22
Last updated:2016-03-15
Current version:1.2.1
Product type:Mobile Android


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  • Hello
    I think I am going to own this item but there is one point that is nowhere highlighted in your description: does it support tablet view ? Are the layouts also build for tablets or just for the smartphone ?

    Thank you in advance

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