YoBackend – PHP Video CMS

YoBackend is a php backend support for YoVideo Android, YoVideo iOS, YoVideo Ionic, Yo365 . You can easy add and update video data (manage video, manage category, mange user).






Backend Features:

– Users management
– Video management
– Pages management
– News/Blog management
– API support for App (home data, search, category, view video, play video, login, register, facebook login, …)
– More features coming soon (notification, payment…)

Backend Module:

Automatic Youtube Video Posts Module
– Firebase Push Notification Module

YoBackend Full Features:

– All modules

– Vidhub theme integrated

What You Get:

– Full Backend Source Code.
– Full Document.
– 6 months support from Inspius.

Install PHP Backend And Build App Service:

– Database setup
– PHP Backend installation on server
– Configuration of all basic setups
– Integrate PHP Backend to mobile app
– Build apk demo for android

– One-time use service
– We need following details:
1) FTP / Cpanel Detail of the server
2) All mobile source required to set up


For support of this app, please use our help center http://inspius.com/envato/forums/forum/extension/yovideo-php-backend, our technical will help you.

Thank you for your purchase and support.


All additional libraries that we use when writing code in our programs meet the MIT license and Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal, correspond to the free dissemination, modification and commercial sale.

Update Version:
Version 2.2
- [Update] Update database
- [Added] Config theme

Version 2.1 - [Add] Added series - [Update] Move folder source - [Update] Fix some bug
Version 2.0
- [Update] Update skin
- [Add] Added dashboard
- [Add] Added comment management
- [Add] Add config youtube, notification module

Version 1.3 
- [Add] Added like video 
- [Add] Added comment video 
- [Add] Added news/blog module
- [Update] Update permission when login.
- [Update] Update description video support html format.
- [Add] Added change password of user
- [Add] Added static page management

 Version 1.2
- [Update] Update new sql file and Update Version guide in the documentation
- [Add] Facebook video type
- [Add] Dailymotion video type
- [Add] video type: mp4,mkv,m4v,mov,flv,avi,rmvb,rm,ts,tp, HLS(m3u8), MMS, RTSP, RTMP, and HTTP
- [Update] Remove htaccess to support iis
- [Update] Player mp3
- [Update] Load more data
- [Update] iOS support
- [Update] Series api
 Version 1.1
- [Fix] upload thumbnail error
- [Fix] backend css error
- [Fix] warning error
- [Update] .htaccess for subfolder
Note: please update the sql file in assets/sql

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28 Reviews
  • jingsan Purchased April 26, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Hello admin I buy this app and config complete all but when access url got Page Not Found this url: http://abc.com/yovideo/. what the problem? how to fix it?

    • Hi There. Thank you for using our application.

      Please check your email. We have edited your comment to secure your website. This is an issue htaccess in root website. Please add this code to your root .htaccess file to make the sub folder website working.

      # Deny access to sub directory
      <Files subdirectory/*>
          deny from all

      Thank you.

  • jingsan Purchased April 29, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    Hell admin! when you release new version? in Category can’t edit get error:
    edit error:


    Thank you hope get fix soon.

  • Hi!

    Is there support for youtube channel/playlist?

    Then i will buy.

    • Hi there,
      Current version does not support youtube channel/playlist.
      Thank you so much for that idea. We will take note and make it on future.

      Best regards.

  • I’m strong like with your products, can you give me a demo! And if I want customize, can your do it for me ( of course you can charge )

    • Hi There,

      Thank you for interest our application. We will release a new version of backend with function updated at end of this week, then the demo will be avail. You can check the screenshot for now.


  • Koay Beng Tian May 14, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Hello, will u release ios update this week

  • Can i use this for link like this domainname.com/filename.mp4 (direct link file, not from youtube/vimeo)

    Thanks for reply sir

    • Hi There,

      Thank you for interest our application. Yes you can use direct link with the backend.


      • 1. if i want to custom order : replace admob with startapp (mopub) , how much it cost?
        2. About this option Install PHP Backend + Build App (Android + iOS)$10.00 : so you will build android+ios app? what file/data requirement for build it? maybe just like splash screen/logo/ads id etc?

        Thanks for reply

        • Hi There,

          Thank you for interest our application. Please check our answers below:

          1. For this custom, we will send you an email for detail.
          2. Install PHP Backend + Build App is a service, inspius will help you setup the YoVideo PHP Backend to your server and help you install the android source code or iOS source code on your computer. The source code is from the items YoVideo Android or YoVideo iOS which you get from envato market.


          • I understand, so i must buy that source code first then you will install it,

            i see parent category and category at screenshot, so it’s just like sub category? what about in the app, it will read parent category and category? because i need that function too
            Just like this:
            Category A have sub category (A1,A2,A3)
            Category B have sub category (B1,B2,B3)

            Thanks for reply

          • Hi There,

            For now, yovideo android is not supported for sub category. But we will update an new screen for it soon.


  • Hello
    Can I upload video from this type of link like “Domainname.com/filename.mp4” or http://www.abc.com/video.mp4 (direct link file, not from youtube/vimeo).. If .mp4 file is uploaded on Amazon S3 can i give link from it to uploaded video ?


  • Hello,

    there is a way to let user add his videos / images to our app.
    Admin can approve them later

  • yuttakarn Purchased September 16, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    update 1.1.3 to 1.1.4

    database error

    — dump table `categories`

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